News Toyota Indonesia Prepare New Variant Yaris and Vios

Aluminum engine plant of Toyota's new in Karawang, West Java, specialist machine producing coded NR. At present production is already running for the 1.5L belongs Sienta, the plan types, 1.3L, would follow. Toyota Indonesia will start a new story when a smaller engine that was produced.
Sources of Toyota Indonesia explained to KompasOtomotif that the 1.3L engine with regard to program Low Carbon Emission (LCE), which until now has not diketok government regulation. The difference with the 1.5L that meet both domestic and export, 1.3L only for domestic needs.
LCE is an advanced program of Low Cost Green Car (LCGC). Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) which acquired the allocation was because of Toyota products in class LCGC has become arable Astra Daihatsu Motor.
Sources also said, the 1.3L will be used in Toyota models that have been produced locally. When explored further, the source answered yes when asked what KompasOtomotif 1.3L engine will be used Vios and Yaris.
This information is very interesting because as we know two models of the platform it only had the choice of 1NZ-FE 1.5L engine. The latest edition Vios in Indonesia is already ascertained replace such machines in Thailand, the same capacity 1.5L just now coded similar Sienta NR.
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Toyota Motor Thailand New Vios 2016 uses 1.5L engine coded 2NR-FBE with dual VVT-i powered 108 tk and torque of 140 Nm. The new options replace the old type-FE 1.5L 1NZ that has been used for a long time. New Vios 2016 also comes with a CVT.
Smaller engines on the Vios and Yaris goal to make economical, but could be considered illogical because the energy is lower. One thing to remember aluminum can cut the weight machines up to 80-90 kg. Diets like that affect fuel efficiency.
Moreover, given the LCE is a government program that refers to an alternative technology as a differentiation of LCGC. It could be a 1.3L engine that will be accompanied by new technologies.

New Product from LMPV Mitsubishi Better than Avanza

As a single agent (ATPM) to discuss its flagship model, the campaign "best sauce" often appears. No exception PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors (KTB) is currently campaigning for a candidate low multi-purpose vehicle (LMPV) which would be launched end of 2017.

Although not yet have proof, Imam Choeru Cahya, Group Head MMC MMC Marketing Group Sales Division KTB is optimistic on the candidate best-selling model Mitsubishi in Indonesia. A positive response, believed to emanate from consumers.

"It must be optimistic, because this segment of the greatest market potential. Segment exists in a row like Avanza, but the quality of the product will be more than they are, the better certainly small MPV Mitsubishi, "said Imam, Tuesday (03/05/2016).

Inquire about the models and the price will be priced, Imam not want to divulge. "Anyway surprise, we've learned from the existing course, so they will be better" said Imam.From the model, form small MPV will terinsprasi of the concept of Active Runabout (AR), which once introduced at the Indonesia International Motor Show 2014. However, the production version will be different.

While the price itself, if indeed his position in the ranks of the Toyota Avanza, Honda Mobilio and Suzuki Ertiga, estimated in USD 180 million to USD 220 million, if the price of cars in this segment do not terkerek.

Product Leaked Suzuki Swift Model 2017

Leaked new look 2017 Suzuki Swift has been spread in cyberspace. As reported by the site indianautosblog, Friday (03/18/2016), the latest generation of Suzuki hatchback was leaked from a dealer conference.

From outstanding photo, the exterior appearance and interior Generation Swift, 2017, shows a significant change from the current model. At first glance she looked like the new Mazda2, with gri form that integrates with hexagonal airdam.

Headlights more narrowed, combining incandescent flame projectors and Daytime Running Light (DRL), formed as eyeliner under the eyes.

The new look is also trying to erase the impression of "bantet" so it looks more "slim". The roof of the floating roof design apply, giving the impression of "floating". Besides other changes that appear invisible to the eye, is the handle of the back door, which is now shifted to stick with the pillars C. Similar applications such as those used in the Honda HR-V.

Design of the stern is still similar to the current model, just more impressed more gentle slope. 2017 Swif shape of the body in general so it looks like the Nissan Juke, but the mini version. Five-spoke rims been with a black screen and a touch of silver trim.

The interior design also looks more fresh, simple and modern, which adopts a completely new design. Including a new steering wheel with audio control buttons, a touch screen in the center of the dash, control heating ventlation air conditioning (HVAC) and above and pinned Smartplay features infotainment sytem.If this Swift bertatus 2017, likely will slide in India this year. Suzuki Indonesia, has not expressed a wish to come to market this year.

New Product Duo "MPV million faithful" China Top sellers Ready to Attack Indonesia

Car manufacturers from China is getting closer to taste the national automotive market in Indonesia. Automotive manufacturers China, SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile (SGMW), to ensure themselves would bring two of its flagship model, the Wuling Hongguang S1 and Baojun 730.

According to the management SGMW, later both models will get more customization specification hoping to be accepted in the national market. In addition, both models will also bears the new name when it began to be marketed.

Wuling Hongguang Baojun 730 S1 and biting each other, struggling in the segment's best-selling car in Indonesia, namely the multi-purpose vehicle (multi purpose vehicle / MPV) seven passengers.

Minister of Industry, together with officials of the Ministry of Industry ekselon visited the factory SAIC-GM-Wuling (SGMW) Automobile in Qingdao, southeast of Beijing, Friday (4/12).The first model (Wuling Hongguang S1) will target Low MPV segment, competing with a model in its class, such as the Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia, Suzuki Ertiga, Mobilio Honda, and Chevrolet Spin. However, if you look at the body, this model is more suitable juxtaposed with rivals, a sort of Suzuki APV or Nissan Evalia.

Meanwhile, the Baojun 730 will target the medium MPV segment, Toyota Kijang Innova classmates could even touch the Nissan Livina.

Interestingly, in China both models have been proven because it claimed to be the best-selling model. Every month, Wuling Hongguang S1 sold 70,000 units and 30,000 units Baojun 730.

SGMW car factory in Liuzhou of Guangxi, China. The factory is capable of producing the car up to 60 units per hour or 1 unit per minute.