Datsun Go "Plus" Born in Indonesia of the Month 2014

After witnessing KompasOtomotif in the world premiere production directly from Chennai , India , early 2014 , the Datsun now be born in Indonesia . Introduction Datsun local assemblies will be celebrated in the factory of PT Nissan Motor Indonesia ( NMI ) in Purwakarta , West Java , this month ." The plan April we will invite journalists to the factory , as well as with other state officials , " said a source at Nissan KompasOtomotif Indonesia , recently. Datsun also marketed under the scheme, cheap and environmentally friendly cars ( LCGC ) the maximum price set at U.S. $ 95 million off the road .Indonesia will produce Go Go + in one after another in the same year . Datsun also be the only brand that offers as well as two variants of multi-purpose vehicles ( MPV ) and a seven- passenger city car segment LCGC .Third confirmed KompasOtomotif , Yoshiya Horigome , Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing NMI does not want to divulge the details of this production plan . But , just wanted showed indications . " Soon , we will be doing a ceremony at the plant by inviting various state officials , " said Horigome .Same with the other participants LCGC , Datsun would use the name of Indonesia , one of the archipelago and the model name is taken from the Sanskrit dictionary .

One cozy Toyota Avanza Toyota Kenalkan Avanza "Custom Concept"

When celebrating a decade of Toyota Avanza yesterday in Gandary City , South Jakarta , yesterday ( 11/07/2013 ) , PT Toyota Astra Motor ( TAM ) , introduced special models or " custom concept" .

 Four custom concept was introduced (some are already on display at IIMS 2013 in September ) . Appearance -selling 7-passenger MPV in Indonesia is no longer merely as an ordinary family car , but more stylish , fashionable , attractive and become a symbol kperibadian and tastes of the owner . Avanza TAM effort to make this special appearance , is not free from market competition MPV 7 - passenger - price around USD 150 - USD 200 million - more strict.

 Avanza ( Daihatsu Xenia including his twin brother ) , no longer pitch alone . In addition to existing competitors , namely Suzuki Ertiga and Chevrolet Spin , soon appeared , no less " fierce " Honda Mobilio ! Well , that consumers or pencita Avanza not move to another heart , or remain proud Avanza , TAM - while celebrating the anniversary Avanza 10th ( a decade ) - introduced the 4 - figure Avanza with a special appearance . According to Johnny Darmawan , President Director of TAM , the interior facilities are also made ​​more complete , in accordance with the changing times and consumer segments . " For consumers who like gadgets or advanced technology , we present Avanza Hi - Tec Concept . Eksetriornya off light in dark places . While the interior is also filled with gadgets , both as entertainment ( music and games ) as well as for communication , "said Friendly Samulo , Marketing Director of TAM .

 " City Crossover Concept " Shown stylish crossover , equipped with a roof rack or rails , larger rims ( looks shiny ) , fender with black lid ( fender cover ) , mica or close the rear lights rather black , leather upholstery , audio also functions as navagasi . " Suitable for those who want to travel outside the city , " said Samula . Body was dressed in a graph dfan special accents to enhance the appeal . sporty Concept Interor and also coated leather upholstery . Another addition is a graphic and interior ornaments to create a more sporty appearance . 

For khuus designed rim ( alloy ) bundled with tires larger than standard . Lux - Dynamic Concept The back seat is filled with entertainment that is widely used in luxury cars today . Because it was more luxurious interior and of course the seats and door trim covered with leather . Blend -in Tradition Garif whitewash exterior with a motif on the bamboo weaving motifs and rim in gold to present the luxury of exclusivity . This concept is shown on stage as a " masterpiece" . According to Agus Prayitno , Head of Marketing Auto2000 , the possibility of asking for this model there is consumer only. " It took a long time so that consumers can get it , " said Agus . You a fan or lover Avanza want to see all four models consept custom terbesebut , more detail ? Can see in the gallery : Avanza Commemorative Concept !

Karimun Wagon R From Rp 77 million, Ready to Compete Alya

 PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales ( SIS ) has finally officially marketed cheap car ( LCGC ) Wagon R to konsuemn Karimun in Indonesia . Since its introduction in IIMS just ended last week , admitted that he had pocketed SIS 461 unit order .
" I just get this morning , and this data is a national nature , meaning orders from all over Indonesia , " said Endro Nugroho , Director of Sales Wheels 4 SIS on the sidelines of the media test drive Karimun Wagon R in BSD , Tangerang , Friday ( 10/4/2013 ) .
Most incoming orders are still dominated by Jakarta , East Java , and Bandung . " For the book is the most widely in the three regions , and for the portion of any type that I have not sold the details count , " beber Endro .
Shutter AylaMarketed three variants , namely GA priced at Rp 77 million , GL ( Rp88 , 9 million ) , and GX ( Rp99 , 9 million ) on the road in Jakarta . With this price , certainly Karimun will compete directly with Astra Daihatsu Ayla at the bottom of the cheap car segment . While Toyota Agya Satya Honda Brio is targeted at a price of Rp 100 Juaan segment .
" Our strategy has actually been able to diebak want to shoot where it used to , just like Ertiga experience , " said Davy Tuilan in Kemayoran , recently. as is known , Suzuki successfully catapulted low Ertiga MPV market this year and ranked third straight top-selling passenger car in Indonesia.

New Ferrari 458 Speciale More Powerful

Ferrari 458 Speciale introduce a new variant which is more powerful than the standard variant, 458 Italia. Machine used was V-8, but power rose to 605 PS Speciale (just standard 570 PS) weight is reduced, being only 1,290 kg from 1,380 kg previously.

As a result, the more acceleration applause! Just takes 3 seconds for the 0-100 km / h of 3.8 seconds for the previous weight to power ratio to 2.13 kg / PS of sebeumnya 2.42 kg / PS. With more power, Ferrari also improve system security, ie angle Side Slip Control (SSC) to prevent slippage symptoms.

Ferrari 458 Speciale will make its debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show next month, complete the 485 Italia and Spider variants. Both variants previously listed as the best-selling model, sold more than 50 percent of the total 1,665 units of Ferrari in Europe in the first half of this year.